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Rise Above The Noise With Messaging That Moves & Strategy That Sticks 

My name is Lindsay, and I’m a conversion-driven copywriter & marketing strategist who leads with empathy.

I help entrepreneurial change-makers with impact-driven businesses revolutionise their sales funnel.


So that they find their authentic voice to stand out from the crowd & effortlessly attract their dream customers.

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Hey, changemaker.
I see you! 

If you’re looking for a way to connect better with your audience through compelling messaging and conversion-driven copy that powerfully persudes, you’re in the right place.

Let's revolutionise your sales funnel so that curious prospects become everlasting fans. 

Because there's nothing better than your community ”rooftop shouting” your brand to the world. 

In a world where AI is taking over, your audience craves human connection more than ever.

Let's be honest...


We can't ignore the upward trend of generic, monotonous & lifeless AI content getting pumped into the playing field at a hot rate. 

Which means, 


This couldn't be a better time for you to stand out from the crowd with heart-centred messaging that persuades with empathy so that you can genuinely connect with your audience on a deeper level. 

Ready to rise above the noise & find your voice?

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A  few kind words 

Keshia Tucci: 

Homing Pigeon 

Lindsay helped skyrocket my open email rate from 21.7% to 49.6% and the click-through rate from 0,43% to a whopping 17. 6%.​ It was great to witness my audience receive a new and fun tone which I have been battling to execute. 

Nachum Kligman:

Book Like A Boss 

I highly recommend Lindsay! She is an awesome writer who takes SEO into account and also takes the time to do proper research for any article. She has written many articles for us and many more still to come. You won't be disappointed!

Alexandra Zakharova:

Alchemy Bali

Lindsay brought all the scattered pieces of Alchemy together & created an outstanding brand messaging framework for us. She is hardworking, bright, articulate, and enthusiastic on every level. She will be a tremendous asset to any organisation.

Past metrics 

Increasing The Homing Pigeon webinar email open rate from 21.7% to 49.6% and the click-through rate from

0,43% to 17. 6%

Transforming Octiv’s content strategy to boost their brand awareness & global growth potential with a 69.3% growth reach on their Instagram account. 

Recreating the SEO strategy for Book Like A Boss to land them on the first page of Google for the keyword ‘booking pages.’  as well as surging their page views by 17%. 

I can't wait to meet you

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