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Your biz is
perfect for an...

Evergreen Quiz 

This means you’re committed to growing your audience on auto-pilot using a hyper-personalized, fun & engaging quiz funnel that serves you time & time again.
It’s the investment that keeps on giving.

So what’s an Evergreen Quiz?

An Evergreen Quiz is a powerful lead generation tool designed for long-term use to capture the attention of your target audience and address a burning question they’re eager to find the answer to. 


By positioning yourself as the solution to their struggle, the quiz becomes the gateway to your primary offering. 



✅ An Evergreen Quiz sparks the curiosity that compels your audience to provide their contact information in exchange for quiz results. 


✅ Unlike tedious static PDF downloads, the interactive nature of the Evergreen Quiz engages subscribers immediately, leveraging their desire for self-knowledge. 


✅ It’s a top-of-funnel asset, rapidly growing your email list with highly engaged leads that view you as their solution to a problem they’re facing. 


✅  Your Evergreen quiz bridges curiosity and commitment– and allows you to establish what makes you different to build trust. 


You can also segment your email list through strategic quiz questions based on personality types so that you can meet everyone where they're at when making decisions.


✅ Promoting a quiz at the top of your funnel is often a cost-effective ad strategy and spreads the message of what you want to be known for. 


✅ Your Evergreen Quiz evolves as your business matures because you adapt your offers to suit your dream clients better as you learn more about your audience from the quiz answers. 


✅ This is not your typical Buzzfeed-style quiz; it is a comprehensive sales funnel strategy with a well-defined approach. 


✅ The Evergreen Quiz enables you to nurture and personalize the experience for each lead, ensuring tailored content that resonates with their specific needs. 


As a result, when the time comes to make a sale, your audience will be receptive, ready to listen, and all objections squashed. 

An Evergreen Quiz is the gateway drug to your primary offer 

There's nothing quite like it... (really!)

Ohhhh, em gee,


On a scale of 1 to Evergreen… how excited are you? 


Because you’re one step further from a business ‘meh’ & one step closer to business ‘wow.’


Ya know– 


That heartwarming place where aligned clients keep showing up on your doorstep…


(the ones that have been searching for your gifts for so damn long). 


An Evergreen Quiz really is the gift that keeps on giving...


(with crazy staying power).


So let me share a few things I've learned about you from your results:

✅ You’re ready to retire the old PDF freebie that’s not converting well– and when it does, it’s bringing you ‘lukewarmish’ leads that aren’t quite your ideal audience.  


✅ You understand the power of segmenting your email list to meet each individual where they're at on their journey– so that they shout, "OMG, THAT'S TOTALLY ME!"


✅ Since you've taken my quiz, you're well aware that creating an email list of aligned leads genuinely interested in what you offer– is no longer a walk in the park (unless done right).


✅ You know a quiz is an investment that can serve you time and time again, and as you learn more about your audience, you can make minor tweaks to optimize it even further. 


✅ When it comes to the psychology of marketing– leveraging curiosity is “oh so” effective (because, let’s be honest, everybody wants to know more about themselves). 


Truth is– 


Your Evergreen Quiz is the perfect touchpoint to introduce your brand to prospects and segment your email list in a savvy, strategic way– from the very beginning.


In fact


Your entire quiz funnel is a transformational journey where you get the chance to empathetically & supportively guide your audience toward your offer…


See where I’m going here, friend?


Because your offer is a beautiful gift you’ve worked so hard on– and you know (from the depths of your soul) that it’ll change the lives of those who need it the most. 


Because here’s the thing…


Quiz funnels have the power to connect changemakers (like you) with change-needers (like your audience) in the most authentic & beautiful way. 


They’re the bridge to changing lives… 


Are you here for it?

And here's your Launch Quiz roadmap 

1. Think of your BIG QUIZ IDEA 
This needs to solve a problem that leads to you as the solution.

2. Craft your RESULTS 
The questions should lead to 4 potential result categories that quiz takers can fall into.

It’s all about leveraging personality, insights & pain points here.

4. Nail your EMAIL STRATEGY 
Nurture your leads with hyper-personalized segmented emails that drive them toward your offer. 

Need help with this?
That's where I come in

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Going On Road Trip

Hi, friend. 

I'm Lindsay. 

A conversion copywriter & quiz funnel strategist helping online coaches grow an engaged email list using personality-packed quiz funnels.

“Hell yeah,” you know who you are!


Side note: I always lead with empathy. Especially these days– because people are craving human connection more than ever.

I’m all smiles & high vibes. That’s the energy you'll receive from me 99.9% of the time - all the time. I'm also a fun-loving, ice-cream-mad running junkie with a mammoth obsession with learning and mastering my mindset. 


At the end of the day...


It’s about leading with insane value, using brilliant quiz funnel strategies, owning a hot offer, and telling epic stories that get your audience shouting – "OMG, that's totally me!"


​I can't wait to hear how your business is changing the world. You sneaky changemaker, you.

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